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Dr. Imber continues to serve as a Professor of Special Education at Rhode Island College. He has served in that capacity for more than 40 years. He has served as a consultant to consultant to state agencies, school departments and attorneys for 40 years. He conducts independent educational evaluations, serves parents as an advocate for students with disabilities and has served as an expert consultant and witness for cases in many states. He has published several articles in national journals and magazine, has given many national, regional and state conferences and has held national office in his field.




Dr. Imber serves as a consultant, evaluator and expert witness to attorneys re: child custody, DUI, lead poisoning, educational competence, Miranda warning issues and special education.


•  Overview of the Case: Analysis

•  Review of Relevant Records

•  Independent Educational Evaluations for Academic, Social-emotional and Behavioral matters

•  Case analysis re Strengths and Weakness

•  Case law review, when necessary


Expert Testimony


•  For matters of academic, social-emotional and behavioral issues

•  Previous experience in special education due process hearings since 1980

•  Consultation for children and youth with ADHD, AUTISM (including Asperger’s Syndrome,

   Cognitive Delays and Developmental Disabilities, Emotional Disabilities, Learning Disabilities,

   Traumatic Brain Injuries and other areas

•  Preparation for special education due process hearings (direct and cross examinations)

•  Experience in federal, district, family, superior court matters as well as in due process special

   education hearings since 1975.


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