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An IEE is an evaluation conducted by a qualified professional or group of professionals who are not employed by the local educational agency (ie. school district). Under federal regulations, the parent, not the school district selects the person(s) who will conduct the IEE. The school district may have a list of evaluators, however, the evaluator(s) selected by the parents do not need to be on an “approved list.” Under federal policies from the Office of Special Education (OSEP), the list must exhaust all qualified evaluators within the geographic area. Districts may not exclude evaluators arbitrarily.



An independent educational evaluation conducted by Dr. Imber is likely to include the following components:


Child History


A detailed review of the child’s medical, family, social and school history


•  Detailed Review of Records including medical, educational prior evaluations, IEPs,

   discipline reviews, and other relevant documents


Classroom Observations and Consultation with School Personnel:

Academic Assessment


•  An evaluation of word-identification, oral reading, oral reading comprehension and silent

   reading comprehension skills assessed through formal and informal testing

•  Oral language skills assessed through nationally normed, standardized subtests

•  Written Language skills including written expression and technical aspects of writing

   through formal tests and informal evaluation

•  Overall academic knowledge in science, social studies and the arts through formal testing

•  Informal assessment of work samples and current school assignments


Comprehensive Report including a summary of the above information and:


•  Tests results

•  Conclusions

•  Recommendations

•  The evaluation may also include a cognitive assessment.


An evaluation may include an independent functional behavioral assessment to analyze the function of troublesome behavior(s) as well as a behavioral intervention plan based upon the unique needs of the child or adolescent (Positive Behavioral Intervention Support).


An evaluation may also include an assessment of the child’s or adolescents social-emotional skills when warranted.


The IEE will involve a close working relationship with the parents.


Participation in Meetings on behalf of Students with Disabilities or students not yet identified as having disabilities such as:


•  Parent-teacher conferences

•  Administrative meetings

•  Evaluation team meetings

•  Response to Intervention meetings

•  Individualized Educational Program meetings

•  Mediation sessions



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